A very weak national energy plan?- Dr. Chu in Newsweek

by Ginosar  

Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek interviewed our secretary of energy recently. Many of Secretary Chu views there are very disappointing to me. It is likely that Newsweek selected what was appealing to them, or their sponsors, and not Dr. Chu' full views. Unfortunately I can only go on the basis of what I know.

First, in this article little was said on energy efficiency where we can reduce waste by a major amount. About 60% of US energy is now non productive. We can easily cut half of this waste!

Second, too optimistic about PV. The price did not go down noticeably for several years. Current silicon technology, the main stay for forty years, is too complex and we need completely new technology, not high purity silicon based. His own financial support for it is a big national waste.

His trust in CCS is misplaced, there is nothing promising in it, while there re considerable negatives in CCS. To tie 50% of our national power system (coal) on this dream is irresponsible. Coal should be replaced, even high efficiency natural gas, NGCC, would be superior to allowing coal to continue.

Nothing of value on Solar Thermal, a very promising technology already on line.

As much as I support nuclear power, he put too much emphasis on that instead of wind energy and solar thermal and energy efficiency.

I have expected much more from Dr. Chu, but it may be that in this administration we are still unable to break with the past. Think about how much they are supporting tar-oil, the dirtiest oil there is, extremely high in GHG emission.

All in all, it is a very poor national plan, no drive to reduce waste, no courage in it. Same standard message.

Compare to Dr. Chu past messages, this is weak, very weak.

Again, it may be very selective reporting.If so Dr. Chu should go on line elsewhere to show his correct views. His views are important.


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