Feel the impact: time-lapse photography of extreme ice loss

by Ginosar  


It is difficult to visualize the impacts of global warming since it is a small change in temperatures mostly. We do not grasp what small changes in temperatures, just one or two degrees can do. It is a huge change. They can turn a lash forest to dead trees by beetle infestation; it can melt the snow on our mountains so fast that even large rivers reduce their water supply in the summer to a trickle. And it even can turn habitable areas to deserts.

But these are words, not evidence that we can easily grasp and motivate us to action; motivate us to put pressure on our Congress.

The time-lapse chorography shown via the link below hopefully will wake you up to the reality of what is already happening to our environment by global warming. These pictures show how major glaciers are collapsing at such a rapid rate that we finally grasp what a small temperature rise can do.

And this is occurring now, and it is only the beginning.


James Balog: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss | Video on TED.com




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