Housing weatherization/conservation must be mandatory

by Ginosar  

There are several suggested plans to reduce energy consumption of our U.S. housing stock. All these weatherization plans are appealing and useful, but ineffective when we want to slow down global warming. They are too small in number to make any impact. We do not have decades to play with these ideas and wait for impact.

To make impact by conservation, efficiency, weatherization, any of these plans must be on a mass scale all across the country and most important- MANDATORY.

We will be employing a lot of construction workers and low skill workers too. Very rapid way of building up the economy and helping the millions of unemployed.

There are some 105 million residential units in the US, from private homes to mobile homes. Most are built with minimal insulation and consume a lot of needless heating and cooling power.

It is time to do the following:

1. Make a national law that all new construction must satisfy standards tailored to specific climatic regions. See California building standards example. Good but not stringent enough for the nation under GW situation.

2. All housing units at sale or modification must be undated for some conservation standards, depending on locations.

3. Dictating Conservation/weatherization of all existing housing stock when practical and satisfy some techno-economic conditions.

All owners partially compensated, i.e. getting government grants of some percentage between 25% to 50%/ get low interest, or no interest loans, spread the cost over the life of the building.

All of these ideas are open to discussion and finalization as more details are available. However, the final plans must be mandatory, not optional.

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