Letter to Governor Brown -Must start mitigation ASAP

by Ginosar  

To: Nancy McFadden March, 6,  2015

Executive Secretary to Governor Brown

State Capital, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Ms. McFadden,

Perhaps it was not the right place and time at the joyful Steinberg Gala to talk briefly with you about Climate Change. But I had to take that opportunity because of the extreme severity and time-urgency of this subject.

I am attaching an old letterhead as an introduction. Please note the list of outstanding people. I used it when we developed grassroots pressure on swing Congresspersons in several states during President Reagan's nuclear arms escalation. Ever since I resigned my senior position at the CA Energy Commission Solar and Wind Energy Office, all of my work has been pro bono. I have devoted the last decade attempting to understand the implications of CC to the sustainability of our world. With my combination of environmental science and two decades of electronic engineering work, plus willingness to face the difficult reality of CC, I have come to grasp the enormity of what humanity is facing with the rapid, unprecedented impacts of CC.

Briefly, the nature of our society is such that CC turned into a political issue and, in addition, the majority of scientists involved in CC research are not willing to endanger their positions by stating clearly and forcefully the grave nature of CC. Therefore, even supporters of the fight against this danger are not fully aware how little time is left to make any serious impact on the progress of CC. More and more evidence indicates that humanity probably lacks the ability to stop or significantly slow CC. We have already emitted so many billion tons of greenhouse gases that it is no longer possible to stop at the so called "safe" two degrees C rise in global average temperatures. We are now on our way toward four degrees and beyond. These values are not compatible with the life of civil society according to several panels of experts.

California has been a leader in what meager efforts have been made worldwide to cut GHG. But as much as we have done and plan to do, it is not enough to make any significant impact on global CC. That is the reason I urged you to put all possible emphasis and urgency on mitigating the bad consequences that are sure to come. The state is facing an enormous effort to protect as many people as possible from the certainty of sea level rise and increasing aridity of our state.

You said that the governor is advocating such mitigation to all state agencies but that it is a slow process. The reality is that it takes many years to design and install mitigation measures on a state-wide scale. For example, we probably will need many desalination plants near major cities. These take a long time and large power plants to build and run. We cannot wait until the danger is facing us. By then, the competition for resources and specialized materials will be global and millions of our citizens could well be facing danger to their very lives.

I suggest that California create an Office of Climate Mitigation, reporting to the Governor, and select the best people you can get to start the process ASAP. Even if we start very soon, it will be a long and extremely hard struggle.


Matania Ginosar
Dr. of Environmental Science & Engineering
B.S., M. S. Electrical Engineering

In agreement

Evan Hughes, Ph.D. (Physics)

30 Rondo Way

Menlo Park, CA

Prev.Mgr.CA Energy Comm.(1975-78), and EPRI (1978-2003)

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