Ltr to David Roberts on his PV article

by Ginosar  

From: Matania Ginosar <>
Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 9:19 PM
Subject: Your solar article
To: <>


Dear Mr. Roberts.


Thanks for all your outstanding effort against climate change. I follow your outstanding articles wherever I find them.


This article*, as far as I can see, does not cover the most important reason for any new energy source: how much reduction in GHG have been produced.

Also the prices should show not cost per installed kw, but per kwh produced.

You cannot compare the output per kw installed in Japan, with that of southern California


With all due respect, with all your outstanding capabilities and contributions, I wish you will help us focus on what is crucial for humanity survival: cutting drastically our GHG!


As you wrote and know, we are in a worse state than even most scientists want to face.


Matania Ginosar

Dr. of Environmental Science and Engineering

B.S., M.S. Electrical engineering

Previously, Manager of the Solar and Wind programs at the CA Energy Commission


Here's the article




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