On opposition to the EPA fighting GHG

by Ginosar  

The Associated Press wrote today an article showing the opposition of the fossil fuel industry, the power industry, National Association of Manufacturers, the Edison Electric Institutive, and the notorious US Chamber of Commerce to the President's decision to let the EPA work to reduce our immense emission of greenhouse gases.

Of course these groups would not want the now science-guided EPA to curtail the vast US  GHG emissions. These groups are the main, and by far, the greatest emitters of GHG in the US. Any movement toward lower GHG and green energy would reduce their empire, their profits, their control over the US economy and over our Congress!


The Sacramento Bee, a main newspaper of Northern California, selected to print this misguided article in its business section and titled it:: EPA view gets chilly reaction, in very big letters.


I wrote the following letter to the editor of the Bee. I would have used much stronger terms and a longer discussion, but I was bound by the rules for letters to the editor. I would not be surprised if it would not be printed since it critic the Bee, and my past experience is that they do not like it too much.


"I wonder who selected and titled the main article on EPA in your Business section. How can a tile like that and the article be printed especially when all nations are struggling now in Copenhagen to find a common path to save our world from drastic increase in global temperature and the damages from it?


The Bee is supposed to be managed by sensible people who understand global warming. While we are fighting for humanity survival this title represents the misguided views of  the coal, oil, gas and power industries that consider profit the crucial ingredient in life and certainly do not care much about civilization's survival.


These profit oriented groups are the ones who lobbied so aggressively against any meaningful energy/environment laws in Congress. They succeeded to make GW laws in Congress so ineffective for so long. And both the House Bill that narrowly passed and the Senate bill that did not yet pass suffer from inadequate regulations.


For the editors to go along with it shows a very narrow understanding how stories and titles of this nature impact public perception of this serious issue.


The Bee editors should have shown  the importance, the wise move and the support that the scientific community and environmental movement give to this EPA action and the reduction in global warming it may be able to achieve."


Dr. matania Ginosar

Environmental Scientist & Electrical Engineer

Prev. Mgr. of the Solar Office CA Energy Commission







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