Pres. Obama is sleeping on Global Warming

by Ginosar  

Below is what the president of Russia said a few days ago about the gravity of global warming: climate change posed a "catastrophic" threat. He is right.


Why is our own President so quiet about the gravity of Global Warming? Why his key global warming and energy advisers, Dr. Chu and Dr. Holdren, among others, have not been heard from lately saying anything of significance to wake up our sleeping population?


Before President Obama selected his key energy team, such as Dr. Steven Chu and Dr. Holdren, they talked openly about the time-criticality of global warming. They talked openly about the need for direct taxes on fossil fuels, they talked about the urgency of fighting global warming, GW. But no longer. Now they are not allowed to say anything that might interfere with the other issues before the American people and Congress.

This approach is extremely counterproductive. We are surprised that the public's concerned about global warming is dropping, but one of the key causes for this drop is the quiet emanating from the Administration's key and trusted people, scientists we were delighted to know would be part of the new administration. With no words from these key people - we get lower public interest in GW and less support for  the energy and Environment bills in Congress.


We are missing the boat. As critical as the health bill is in Congress, if we do not pass it right now, most people will survive. Yes, there will be increased in suffering and deaths. But it is nothing in comparison to the damage and deaths that are around the corner from global warming.


Global warming is progressing rapidly every day and we CAN NOT ERASE THE 70 MILLION TONS OF GREENHOUSE GASES EMITTED DAILY INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. It will stay there for hundreds of years severely aggravating the already serious damage to our climate.


We should concentrate NOW on global warming. The president should put his full weight behind this issue. It is worth risking his second term to accomplish what is needed now. We can not go back and say, opps, we made a mistake.


By Oleg Shchedrov

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned on Monday that climate change posed a "catastrophic" threat in some of the sharpest comments yet on a subject the Kremlin has often seemed reluctant to confront.

Although the United States said that the consensus amongst the 19 leaders at the weekend Asia Pacific summit in Singapore was that a climate change deal this December was unlikely, Medvedev made clear he felt it was a top priority.

"If we don't take joint action, the consequences for the planet may be very distressing to the point that the Arctic and Antarctic ice can melt and change ocean levels," he said shortly before leaving Singapore.

"All of this will have catastrophic consequences."



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