President Obama is doing little on global warming

by Ginosar  

President Obama has done very little, in my opinion, to move Congress on GW because his key POLITICAL advisers do not yet grasp the gravity of the situation. He is not willing to risk his popularity on an issue he may not fully grasp. And if you understand it only intellectually, you have not grasped it.


Obama political advisers  are very bright and believe they are smarter than the "alarming" scientists and a delay on GW is an acceptable risk. His own reelection and the election of members of Congress are important, and they determine the political strategy that keeps the president essentially mute on GW. It is clear that the economy has to be stabilized first; without a solid economy we can not invest in the tools needed to fight GW effectively. And that will take a lot of money. It would not be the price of a postage stamp and it will cause suffering for the people whose income depends on fossil fuels. That is a given, change of this immense nature will cause winners and losers. However, we can not continue on the old pathway. We do not have an alternative to starting a tremendous global change


I do believe that Secretary Chu and Dr. Holdren are not allowed to say what they do what to do, scream about the urgency. Just look at their faces during interviews and read the small amount they are allowed to write.

The GW problem is even more serious than normally described even in most predictions. according to most scientific articles I have read. We have almost no time left to slow down the accelerating deterioration of our climate. I just heard the head of the IPCC Dr. Pachuri commenting on the dire situation in his country, India, with the rapid melting of the Himalayas glaciers supplying water to hundreds of millions of people in India. What will happen to them? They will be facing death. You can not relocate so many people. And the same thirst is facing China.


Almost all other advanced countries are willing to participate in the fight against GW, their leaders grasp it. We in the US have the mentality of: "me first the rest of the world second". Do not expect a change of heart among us. We are inherently very selfish. We have caused, our economic system have caused a global economic misery that created a $2.7 Trillions in markdowns of global assents that caused the economic collapse. More than a million Americans participated willingly in this game. Wall Street used illegal and semi illegal means to increase its profit. It is nor just a few managers on the top. It is wide spread. And Wall Street is expected to give $20 billions in bonuses this year its employees!


How can you expect to change the Business As Usual attitude of many in the nation and especially in Congress? Their reelection is the key to their lives. I have talked to some of them, and they were the good ones.


To make an real impact we must pressure our Congress members. All the talks, all these discussions on the media and the web are insignificant if they do not move people to pressure Congress. We make not like them, we may not trust them, but Congresspersons make the laws we must live under. And we need new laws to curb GW. Congress is the only tool we have and we rarely use it. I have spent nine full years directing staff  in several states on both coasts organizing liberal people to pressure Congress. I talked with over a thousand selected liberal people personally. We had the best tools and met them personally in small groups. Their desire to move was flowing like molasses since most liberals just like to feel good by having the "correct attitude" about an issue. For them it is enough "action." They are not motivated by anger, like the Right - so they do not act. They do not trust Congresspersons, so they do not move to write a letter or make a phone call. "Why bother" is their motto.


Information does not lead to action, especially with the mild manners, good people that liberals usually are.





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