Sinking deeper into national idiocy

by Ginosar  

My wife and I just got the National Democratic Party questioneer about our own top national concerns. Of all the options to choose, there was not even one item related to global warming.

Now, the leaders of the Democratic Party do not see GW as a key national issue. Their level of stupidity is not far behind the Republican Party that rejects the very same subject as if it was invented by the Democrats and therefore bad for the country. The Democrats can not even get all their Senators to agree to support the weak bill offered now in the senate.

The very weak Energy and environment bill that passed the House last year was a sham. It was just a feel good bill that would not reduce global warming by any noticeable level. The Democratic majority was more interested in getting what they wanted individually and not what the country and the world need desperately.

Even the Democrats are now unable to grasp the seriousness of the issue. They do not want to learn what is not beneficial to them individually.

The Senate was not yet able to pass even a weaker bill, and the president is unable even to commit himself to push our nation to accept the gravity of this issue. When he has the clear opportunity to awaken the public and push a viable energy/environment bill in light of the Gulf oil disaster, he just mumbled a few words about energy independence.

Let's be realistic: There is no way to have energy independence for many decades, if at all.

How could the leaders of the two major parties sink so low?

How can our president, who talked at length about the criticality of global warming during his election campaign, drop the ball in the interest of the next election?

How can our nation become so ignorant of reality?

This supposedly great nation is very great in its collective national idiocy, in the face of the greatest national challenge in human history.

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