We do not have a second chance to act

by Ginosar  

Henry Paulson, the Secretary of the US Treasury during the end of the Bush administration and the person most responsible to stopping the financial collapse in 2008 just appeared on the Charlie Rose PBS program. He said [my own words] that only when a very big collapse is about to occur there is ability to overcome the lethargy in government and Congress and take decisive action.

We must remember that this is not possible with global warming.

By the time we see clear evidence of damage to our global environment by global warming.


By the time we will know that global fishing deteriorated so much to cause near starvation to millions across the globe.


By the time we know that ten of millions do not have fresh water to drink.


By the time we see mass migration from hot, dry zones to more moderate climates.

By that time there would be very little that could be done.

By that time no legislation, no financial support, and no time will be available to stop the rapid escalation of global temperature and the wide damages caused by it across the globe.

If we do not cut Greenhouse Gases globally very soon, we would not have a second chance.




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