Wind energy dangerous in urban areas

by Ginosar  

As a test of the my new blog I would like to call your attention to a letter I just sent.


Karen Douglas

Chairman, California Energy Commission

1516 Ninth Street

Sacramento, CA. 95814-5512

October, 5, 2009

Dear Chairman Douglas,

As an environmental scientist I am for using alternative energies where they are practical and safe. I would like to bring to your attention a possible danger for the public in San Francisco from an undesirable approach to alternative energy.

I read that Mayor Newsom of San Francisco wants to install small wind generators on top of buildings across this lovely city. This is a very dangerous approach. CEC should look into it and alert other state agencies to investigate this situation.

When I led the pioneering Wind Energy program of the California Energy Commission, when we broke the barrier to commercializing wind energy, we carefully analyzed all options. It was very clear that wind turbines should be used in large wind farms away from population to be cost-effective and safe too.

Wind turbines should not be placed near population both for safety and practicality. First, wind strength is unpredictable, and can gusts to very high levels sometimes breaking blades. Think about the people of San Francisco on the streets below. In addition, so much more green energy can be “obtained” by conservation that cost maybe one tenth as much. That means we can do ten times as much for each available dollar.

Again, I am all for alternative energies. It is critical to reduce greenhouse gases as fast as possible, and conservation is the fastest way possible while providing many local jobs for the multitudes of unemployed. But we should not endanger the public in this process to the extent that this program may.


Dr. Matania Ginosar

Environmental Scientist and Electrical Engineer

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